Intestinal Worms

More than 65 million Americans are chronically infected by Intestinal worms

1 in 5 or20% of all Americans

Intestinal / Gut Parasites (Worms)

Undetected  No one talks about them
The most neglected   Highly transmittable
Inadvertently untreated  Affecting both rich and poor

Essential nutrients & medicines (dietary & biologic) are impacted from entering the bloodstream and continuing onto the cellular pathways & organs. The constant interference & redirection of critical nutrients leads to many unexplainable symptoms,
including, but not limited to Brain Fog, Constipation, Chronic Pain, & GI Upset

People “accepts” and “learn to live with”, the symptoms as “life”

Probiotics, by themselves are not enough

Vitamin C also
improves gut barrier function to reduce the absorption of endotoxin (LPS), and
its consequent signaling via hepatic TLR4. Decreasing of LPS interrupts the
cycle of NFκB activation at the intestine and the liver which are inflammatory

Vitamin C, also increases the levels of Bifidobacterium as compared to Placebo in
double blind studies

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