AMLA Pure Super C™

Certified Organic Vegan Vitamin C

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AMLA Pure Super C™

Advanced Immunity 6-in-1 Complex


AMLA Pure Super C™

Organic Nattokinase Circulation Powder


AMLA Pure Super C™

5-Day, Anti-Viral Immunity Complex


Team AMLApureSuperC’s Wholefoods’ Pledge

After almost 2 years of functioning as a think tank for Naturopaths and Medical Doctors, Vegan Food Products, LLC was formally launched in September 2023 with a line of highly affordable, plant-based, vegan, high quality, wholefood products with science-backed formulas and rigorous manufacturing standards.

The Product offering is intentionally boutique sized in order to attain best in-class status. Derived from whole foods, pure, with only natural sources, cruelty-free, possessing 100% of a plant’s bioactive compounds, bioflavonoids, & phytochemicals which 99% of other supplements lack in one form or another.

The selection of every ingredient must yield the most absorbable in its native, usable form to provide a maximum absorption profile integral for the healing process, in order to impact the tiniest of bodily functions; from neurotransmitters to organ systems.

Absolutely no ingredients are synthesized and are void of fillers, binders, microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, contaminants and heavy metals.

We carefully scrutinize all raw materials to ensure none are obtained from genetically modified sources. Even the Soybeans utilized for the production of our Nattokinase are certified USDA, Organic.

Clean, raw ingredients combined with potent formulas, our finished products remain both vegan & cruelty free, guaranteed to be free of gluten, yeast, artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, colors, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, shellfish, eggs, and fish.

Third party laboratory validation of potency and the verification that there are no heavy metals or toxic substances in the raw materials. Our product is both formulated & manufactured in Oklahoma, USA.

AMLA pure Super C is BOTH Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Vegan refers to any food formulated without ingredients produced by or derived from
animals. 99% of all vitamin supplements on the market are NOT Vegan and are derived from animal sources, such as gelatin, collagen, fish oil, glycerin, glucosamine, and chondroitin. These are all sourced from animals. Even some forms of carotene are based on all animal sources. 

Even Vegan capsules possess constituents of animal origins either in the capsule itself OR animal sources which allow the expedients to be able to be processed at high speed. 100% Vegan products, like AMLA pure Super C are an extremely rare commodity in today's world.  

A vegan lifestyle, avoids the use of any products linked to animal exploitation. This is where cruelty free comes into play, products that have been tested on animals. 'Cruelty-Free' does not always mean 'Vegan' AND Vegan does not mean “cruelty free”

‘Cruelty-Free’ is a term used typically to describe cosmetics, personal care, and household cleaning products as not being tested on animals. 

Our vegan vitamin C antioxidant complex is formulated to support brain health and enhance mental clarity. Experience a renewed sense of focus and sharpness with our nature-inspired blend.

Sourced From Earth

USDA Certified Styphnolobium Japonicum Buds

USDA Certified Organic, Raw, Ginger

USDA Certified Nattokinase

USDA Certified Organic Licorice Root

USDA Certified Organic Amla /Indian Gooseberry (Vitamin C)

USDA Certified Organic Guava Leaves

USDA Certified Organic Black Pepper

USDA Certified Organic Bromelain



Experience a wide range of health benefits with AMLApureSuperC™. Our advanced formula is specifically designed to support improved brain function, heart health, high blood pressure, collagen and cartilage production, age-related macular degeneration, and exercise-induced asthma. Unlock the full potential of your health with AMLApureSuperC™ and to learn more, refer to the specific details provided for each benefit.

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