Covid Long

Key biological markers identified and linked to LONG COVID sufferers:

  • Reduction of critical hormone levels; specifically, cortisol, testosterone (females), & estradiol (males).
  • Neuroinflammation secondary to an active Epstein-Barr Infection “Mono”.
  • Confirmation of the cytokine storm & fatigue.
  • Vascular system inflammation and damage to the inner lining of blood vessels with spike protein driven micro-clots forming in locations such as the legs, brain and heart.

Organic, Advanced Immunity, 6-In-1 Complex possesses Nattokinase, 100% Plant Based Quercetin, Licorice, Vitamin Zinc, Vitamin C & Piperine.

  • AMLA possesses high levels of Vitamin C
  • AMLA is adaptogenic in nature and seeks to restore hormonal imbalances by influencing the secretion of cortisol
  • AMLA strengthens the rigidity of cell walls against viral entry.
  • Zinc additionally strengthens the Immune system 2x better than Ivermectin.
  • Piperine, increases the absorption rate and concentration in the bloodstream by 400% as compared to Synthetic Vitamin C alone.
  • Vitamin C is a recommended treatment against Epstein-Barr, EBV.
  • Licorice interferes with a critical early step of the EBV replication cycle.
  • Quercetin reduces the expression of cytokines & combats the cytokine storm
  • Nattokinase supports heart and circulatory health normalizing blood pressure, dissolving blood clots and preventing them from forming in the first place.

AMLA's relation to Long Haul Covid

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Covid Long Gut

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AMLA - Gut Microbiome LONG Haul

There is a confirmed relationship between the Gut & Long Haul symptoms 

  • Some long-term symptoms associated with Long Haul; are the Lack of Mental Sharpness, Brain Fog, A weakening Immune System, Stomach issues, Forgetfulness, Fatigue, & Chronic Pain. 
  • The Virus decreases levels of the gut bacterium called Bifidobacterium.
  • Vitamin C, increases the levels of Bifidobacterium as compared to Placebo in double blind studies. 

AMLA pure Super C utilization as a Probiotic
Naturally detox the bad gut bacteria out of your system
1. Take 1,000 MG AMLApureSuperC twice per day to enhance Bifidobacterium production, naturally utilizing cellular action and not supplementation

 2. Cut out sugar. Bad bacteria love nothing more than cheap energy, and sugar is their favorite source

3. This will start to tip the scales toward a healthier population of bacteria in your gut

4. Avoid fatty, irritating foods

5. It will take 30 to 60 days

6. Drink water

AMLA supports restorative microbiome therapy and may be helpful in assisting with Long Haul