AMLA - Gut Microbiome Intestinal Parasites - Worms

A few words about the Colon Washout……….

“As a 30-year colon hydrotherapy and holistic practitioner-educator, I decided to incorporate AMLA pure Super C into my Intestinal-Worm Washout Protocol. This is especially important for my clients who have had COVID with its long-term, cyclical impacts on the GUT’s depletion of Bifidobacterium, the good gut flora. If you do not have a good, daily bowel movement, you have created the perfect environment for parasites to breed and flourish. It always shocks my clients when they see a 2 foot worm being eliminated from their body in front of their eyes. 

For first-timers, I recommend an intense, 24 hour protocol with heavy dosing of AMLApureSuperC™ inducing loose stools or a “levage”. It is Food-Grade so there is no chance of renal stones. Then maintain at the suggested, long term dose. This protocol should be done twice per year with or without colon hydrotherapy.

Why AMLApureSuperC? I stand behind it 100%. It is affordable, Vegan, Full-Spectrum, potent at 1,000 mg of Food Grade Vitamin C, with an extremely high level of antioxidant scavenging attributes for the safe and natural restoration of Bifidobacterium levels and anti-parasitic effect. It is available in a 12-month bulk powder for dissolving into water or smoothies so your entire family can inexpensively wash out. This wonderful product is so pure, its virtually tasteless and so you can add it to anything without changing flavor or texture.”

Lidia Nash
Colon Hydrotherapies
Holistic practitioner-educator
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

More than 65 million Americans are CHRONICALLY infected by Intestinal worms – That is 1 in 5 or 20% of all Americans.

  • Undetected. 
  • The most neglected.
  • Highly transmittable
  • No one talks about it.
  • Inadvertently untreated. 
  • Affecting both rich and poor.
  • Even Healthcare Providers are unfamiliar with both the Diagnosis and Treatment Plan.

Intestinal parasites, including worms prevent essential food-based nutrients & medicines (dietary & biologic) from entering the bloodstream and onto the cellular pathways & organs.

This constant interference & redirection of critical nutrients results in many unexplainable symptoms, including, but not limited to Brain Fog, Constipation, Chronic Pain, & GI Upset of the host; whereby he/she “accepts” and “learns to live with”, “ignoring” the symptoms as part of life.

Probiotics, by themselves are not enough.

Vitamin C is hypothesized to improve gut barrier function to reduce the absorption of endotoxin (LPS), and its consequent signaling via hepatic TLR4. This decreasing of LPS interrupts the cycle of NFκB activation at the intestine and the liver which leads to inflammatory mediators

Vitamin C, increases the levels of Bifidobacterium as compared to Placebo in double blind studies