6000 FU Vegan Nattokinase - Advanced Circulatory Support

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Plans: 120 Doses


6000 FU VEGAN NATTOKINASE EXTRACT – 120 doses per pack. 

Does not contain Soy. 100% pure. Nattokinase plus bioenhancer

The source of our Nattokinase used as a raw material is the same source which was utilized in the landmark study Takashi Tanikawa, et al., Degradative effect of nattokinase on spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, molecules, 27, (2022) 5405. 

Scientifically Engineered

Our Vegan, Nattokinase possesses enhanced bioavailability while being completely vegan and made with natural ingredients. The Nattokinase is carefully extracted during a natural fermentation process of boiling. And fermenting non-GMO soybeans with friendly Bacillus subtilis bacteria. Additionally, Micro & Ultrafiltration is utilized to ensure the highest purity including 100% removal of K2 Nattokinase has been shown to support a healthy circulatory system by normalizing fibrinogen levels in the blood.

  • NATTOKINASE FOR A HEALTHIER HEART HEALTH – clinical and non-clinical studies have shown that Nattokinase can support heart and circulatory health by helping to maintain normal blood flow.
  • IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW – Nattokinase vegan formula promotes better circulation and heart health
  • VEGAN, NON-GMO INGREDIENTS – USA based. Nattokinase enzyme with 6,000 fu (fibrinolytic units) which helps maintain proper blood flow.


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